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Bloomed something new today! #Hoya quinquenervia, which i...

Bloomed something new today! #Hoya quinquenervia, which is a pretty cool Hoya with some veins and good sunstressing potential.

The flowers are surprisingly small for a plant with larger leaves. I can’t pull it out of the cabinet for a better picture, because another budding peduncle is growing through the airflow slots in my shelf. 😝 #hoyaproblems , right?
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8ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Also this shelf is so hectic right now. But it’s my most blooming shelf. Obviously there’s a carnosa type in bloom, that’s a Wilbur graves. Also there’s a Lacunosa durian peraguin hiding in the back that’s pretty much always blooming. And Wilbur graves silver is getting close too.
So many blooms! Is it fragrant in there? They all look so amazing βœ”οΈ
@GaryPoopins yes when you open the door it hits you in the face! My husband was asking does it smell like nail polish when I was taking those pictures. 😝
@Alinaa πŸ˜‚ at your husband’s comment. I recall him being funny in other stories/posts, he loves at least one cat and he supports your Hoya addiction… well done βœ”οΈ
@Alinaa OooOooi, you’re killing me with all those blooms. I’m lucky that I had one bloom this year. It seems you have the magic touch my lady. They are all soooo beautiful. I too have the Hoya Quinquenervia & appreciate you sharing the blooms that I may experience one day 🀣 but for now I will admire her for her lovely foliage. I do πŸ’šπŸ’š those veining juicy leaves.
So cool. The flowers almost look like a hard plastic. Or almost edible like it’s frosting. I’ve never seen flowers like that before.
@SirLiquorice that’s a neat observation!!
@Rockrlee I’m having a lot of luck getting blooms by letting the long runners mature!