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Arranged plants from quarantine and propagation

Took a couple things out of the quarantine #propbox and a few little babies from the #propagationstation and made this cute lil arrangement! (The two big ones look pretty rough because they had a gravity related accident while in quarantine which led to their being put in the previously mentioned box.) I don't have a ton of hope for the wee babies, being outside, but hopefully they all survive and enjoy their new 4" home!

β€’String of Buttons
β€’Aeonium Kiwi
β€’Jade Γ—2
β€’Jelly Beans
β€’Coppertone Stonecrop Γ—2
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Theh will do fine as long as the sun isn't beating down on them. Usually when they fall off the succulents naturally, they'll fall and be shaded by the mother plant ( also just In case you didn't know, 9 times out of 10 a leaf with propagate better when left by the mother plant). You can kinda tuck them under the Bigger ones for the shade.
@KrunchyWrap I remove at least 90% of mine manually. They pretty much never fall off on their own without immediately shriveling up... I just remove them and place them on my prop tray and they pretty much always grow. I've had wicked success with leaf prop so far! (: And anyways, none of mine would create shade for da babies... But I'll try to remember that for the future when/if they get big. (: I'm basically planning on giving these a couple hours of morning sun and then covering them, increasing the amount of sun they get every few days. (: If they die, they die. Hoping they don't but, eh... 🀷 Lol
Oh lol I like those papers clips that are holding your props 🀩🀩🀩
@vvvelo thanks! Got the idea from @sarahsalith and I've had these colourful little dudes laying around for yeeeears lol