Posted 5d ago by @Ms.Persnickety

#FreshLeafFriday #NewGrowth #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants Well happy Friyay everyone it’s time to show off some new leaves. Here are a few of mine: First off is the with its lovely pink leaves Aglaonema Pink Pearl, then the Aglaonema Fiecracker, the Kalanchoe Luciae has a few new leaves. as does the Cotyledon Orbiculata, the Monstera adansonii got a new moss pole I’m hoping it’ll start climbing. In an attempt to get the Tradescantia Fluminensis to climb I improvised a trellis DIY until the permanent one get here. The Peperomia Diamond also got a temporary trellis although the plant is getting rather bushy!
That’s beautiful 😍😍
Is that closer to red? The pic looks more red than pink.
@EarthlySoybean I think it might be the lighting, but I think it’s pink. I’ll take another picture the first without lights and the next one with lights. And we can see. Okay so we’ll call it a red-ish pink??
@Ms.Persnickety It’s beautiful 🤩

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