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Why is my triostar stromanthe dying?

This plant has been bad since I got it, all of the leaves have gone crispy and brown, they never stand up, it’s had a new leaf come out but it’s been like that for a while now and the tip of that has started to go brown. What’s happening?
6” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
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Sorry you're having problems with your Triostar. I have found that my trio star enjoys being in east light so it get lots of light, but not harsh light.

It also doesn't like to be wet all the time, so I let mine dry a not between waterings. I use my fingers to feel how wet the soil is.

Once I had water pooling in the bottom of the pot and I started to see more browning leaves because it was too wet. I have now learned to make sure water doesn't sit in the bottom of my pots.

Because this plant is similar to the Calathea family, it NEEDS humidity. If it doesn't get humidity, it will brown.

If you're in winter time and you have a heater, make sure this plant is not near a heating vent. The heaters zap the humidity out of the air.

I see you have a Maranta prayer plant, this plant has very similar care needs.

I'm glad you found Greg, Tia!
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@sarahsalith that’s amazing thank you! I think I’ve been neglected the humidity a bit recently, forgetting about the heater, thinking they’d prefer it being warm to freezing cold.
I have a maranta prayer plant and she has thrived since I got her, never browned, never had an issue.

I’ve moved the ones I’ve had issues with closer to a light source and will keep on top of humidity.

Thank you!
@tia sound like a plan!! ☺️