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New #Succulents for #WhatTheSuccWednesday 🌿🤗 My first ti...

New #Succulents for #WhatTheSuccWednesday 🌿🤗
My first time ordering from Mountain Crest Gardens, they are really dry/dehydrated but nothing a good soak can’t fix! I also had a few damaged leaves but that’s okay, considering they were in the mail for a while & it’s nothing too bad.. but as far as ordering plants (succulents) online Planet Desert remains #1 for me! 🌵🫶🏻
1. Sedum Clavatum 🌿
2. Echeveria ‘Green Pearl’ (my favorite in this order so far) 💚
3. Graptoveria ‘Debbie’ (love her colors already) 💜
4. Perle Von Nurnberg (I recently lost mine to powdery mildew 😫)
5. Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ 🌱
6. Graptopetalum ‘Superbum’ (not pictured) will post in comment section. Out of all the plants in the shipment she sadly took the most damage..
I gave them a good drink, with some arber fungicide & insecticide to ensure they don’t get any fungal infections from the leaf damage they got in transit. #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #SucculentSquad #Succulent #GrowingSuccs #PlantMail #Graptoveria #Echeveria #Sedum
@TidyTigerpear oh they’re gorgeous! The green Pearl is my favorite too!!! Are you a moonstone fan?
Love the colors of the Graptoveria “Debbie. “ Tbey are all pretty. Can’t wait to see updates when they’ve had some water and light!
I have ordered from Mountain Crest and they're great contact them question them and they answer really good and fast
Love MCG! Their plants are always high quality and grow really well.
@Charli3Plant that’s good to hear! I just know they will do better once getting some water and light. I potted some up today in my new planter!
@PoniesAndPlants I sadly shy away from them@they are notorious for being easily overwatered, and sensitive to just about everything,, I had one and killed it almost immediately 😫 they are so pretty! but I just tend to have water/fungal issues, so I’ve stayed away since my first.
@TidyTigerpear I love that planter! It’s like a success appetizer lol. I know and all love all those beauties. Those 3 are typically difficult for me. I am too stubborn to take one death as failure. I will just kill the same thing repeatedly until I either figure it out or give up after several failures.
@PoniesAndPlants succulent appetizer!! 😂🫶🏻 I love it ! Perfect description! It is the perfect planter to pack a punch in a small space for sure! Also I know what you mean about taking one death & wanting to try again! But that’s not a bad thing, it actually helps you learn from mistakes & learn more about that plant and even others as far as patterns and characteristics. All succulents are tricky some wayyyy more than others..
I experienced this with ‘graptopetalum Murasaki’ the first one I had, I killed almost immediately, from *I think* overwatering.. I was so sad because I loved the colors and look, I had also just started my oasis.. so I got another. And needless to say I came to the conclusion it’s just a VERY sensitive succ. Both of them were superrrr healthy and plump with no visible fungal issues when I got them. The second one started declining and dropping leaves also. However I still have the second one. For the longest I couldn’t get it to grow more than 2-3 leaves at a time. I stopped watering almost completely because I was convinced that was the issue.. well then the issue became it was too dry! 😂😫 and dropping leaves from dehydration.. I’m happy to say it’s now on the right track after finding a water schedule that it’s happy with. It’s still tiny but it has way more leaves than it used to! Moral of the story, be persistent & patient 😂 try new things you’ll find what works eventually!
@TidyTigerpear Better to get dry succulents in the mail than overwatered ones! What a perfect selection.
@TidyTigerpear thank you so much! I have had a lot of heartache with some echeverias and the graptopetalum superbum. My echies & sempervivium have strong opinions about what they want when they want it and if I miss the window the drop all their leaves…I am for better or worse stubborn beyond stubborn and GODDAMNIT I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT!!!! I’ve learned a lot and Mother Nature please forgive me of my sins and the plants who gave their lives on my “learning curve”.