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I’ve had my Aloe for I think two years now. He was one of...

I’ve had my Aloe for I think two years now. He was one of those kits from like Target and he took off grow wise briefly but has since slowed to this. I rarely water him, maybe once a month. He’s directly under a grow light as I have no east/west windows. Any suggestions for him to help him flourish? This pot also has no drainage but I’ve been too nervous to repot him so far. #SucculentSquad #AloeVera
5ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Aloe's are pretty tough little plants ❀️ they aren't super fast growers in my experience but you should definitely give him some drainage which will help. They are usually in an arid-like terrain which has lots of sun, heat, and drainage
@RestfulSkyplant I think I had him in a succulent potting mix. Is that by itself sufficient or is there something else I should add? He’s in the warmest room of my house (reptile room closed off so there’s heat lamps). Would it be harmful to the plant if I took it out during the day outside to get direct sunshine especially on the like 80/90 degree days?
The soil sounds good but the container itself should still have some drainage holes so moisture doesn't build up and potentially rot the roots.
Taking it outside could be a good idea however you need to do it slowly so it can build up tolerance, a process called "hardening off". Everyone has a different way of using this process but you could try a half hour a day to start then over the course of a week increase its amount of time outside. By about 2 weeks you should be okay to just keep it out as long as your temp doesnt drop below 10Β°C over night.
Even if a plant is given lots of heat and light inside a house, it's nothing compared to actually having the sun and wind on it.
@RestfulSkyplant thank you for all your help!! πŸ™‚hopefully I can have a happy aloe soon
For your succulent potting soil, it’s good to add perlite to enhance drainage. perlite is widely available at most places like Home Depot or Lowe’s. I have started adding more to the soil than I used to.
@RefinedSandwort thank you!!