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Spider mites!!!

I have applied neem oil almost every other day, occasionally some Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew, and I even washed the plant recently, but they just keep coming. I would wash the plant more but Dumbo is getting really giant and hard to carry outside. Is there anything else worth trying?
Oh also I’m back now life is now a little less crazy.
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17ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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I just recovered two of my Alocasia from spider mites also. Both recovered well in about 2 weeks time. I cut off any leaf that was heavily infested. Took the plant out of old soil and rinsed the leaves with shower head setting throughly before putting in fresh soil. Treat with captain jacks / wipe down leaves every few days and observe. It was a pain to repot both of them but all that took care of the issue relatively quick. I hope that helps! Both mine have no signs of mites and are pushing new growth ✨ Best of luck!
Can we see the plant? I don’t suggest using ne that often. Try doing soapy water with a little rubbing alcohol! You’ll definitely want to remove damaged leaves
@jcPlantProper I just added it, and I will definitely try that!
Have you done a soil drench? Neem won’t kill the larvae. Search for it on YouTube. Your probably only getting the adults if/when they bite the leaf so there are always some to procreate πŸ˜›
@itsfabiii Thanks for this advice. I’m filing it away for future reference! (Hopefully I’ll never have to use it!) ❀️🌱❀️
@jcPlantProper I totally would have tried your method but my spray bottle broke, and so, since it had been 8 or 10 days since I last applied Captain Jacks I did again and after a few days there is no trace of spider mites!

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