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#avocadoexperiment update! πŸ₯‘

Today my still unnamed #pothos baby (Exp. 03) and WaterBoy (Exp. 02) started getting a tiny taste of #foxfarmgrowbig fertilizer (50% strength). Just a Tbsp (maybe even less) in the jar, so pretty weak still...
WaterBoy has left 03 in the dust in terms of growth! Not only is he about 4" tall compared to 03's roughly half inch, he's also starting to get secondary roots!

Eggy (Exp. 04) has finally started showing signs of life with a tiny crack at the bottom... Fully submerging them in water instead of using the toothpick method is supposed to make them crack evenly all around, but that seems like it might have been false information. We'll see. Lol Him and his #goldenpothos buddies are still just getting plain filtered water for now...

Thomas (Exp. 05) is also showing signs of life! He actually started his tap root about a week after I put him in soil I just kept forgetting to post. πŸ˜… So far it seems the straight to soil method is where it's at in terms of speed! He's covered in cinnamon because he's been really struggling with white mold even tho I take his goblet greenhouse off for a few hours a day. Might just leave it off for good from now on...

(MiracleGro is hella cheap but y'all I'm very quickly getting sick and tired of it. Everything I've potted from my most recent bag has struggled with mold and has wicked fungus gnats...)

Anywho, check out #greatpothosexperiment and #avocadoexperiment for more posts on these guys and any other info I probably have forgotten to include here! πŸ™ƒ
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6ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Great job
Thanks @PetLimabean (:

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