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It's #waxplantwednesday for Hoya lovers!

SMILE for the camera because it’s #waxplantwednesday !!!!! This is probably my favorite plant day because I am a #HoyaHeads #HoyaAddicts #HoyaLover all rolled into one!!!! Here are just a few of my babies.
#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #GregGang #GreggingInTheSip #HoyaSunrise #hoyakrohnianasupersilver #hoyakrimsonprincess #HoyaCarnosa
Ahh! I love this!!
Which one is your super silver?
I love your pots and supports! So creative haha I’m boring and a good portion of mine are white but you’ve given me some inspiration
I love love love your planters. 😍
@HoyaAddict is it still Wednesday there #timetraveler
@sarahsalith my little brown guy. He is super tiny.
@Plantmomma3 so cute! When we finally meet up, I'll bring you some more if you want- I got mine from Plant Proper a few months ago. They grow so fast!!
Oops. Forgot the picture. πŸ˜…
@sarahsalith I can’t wait to meet you!!!
@sarahsalith absolutely beautiful!!!!
I swear it's more than doubled. I'd better get it in my oasis so I can start taking tracking pictures. πŸ˜…
Perfect Hoya display in super cute pots. 😊
@sarahsalith your Hoya is stunning, be still my heart πŸ’“
@Plantmomma3 your Hoyas look great and I love those pots 😍 I have a few and Hoyas are definitely my most favorite plants, ssssshhhh 🀫 don't tell the others, really I love them all πŸ₯°πŸ’ž
Ooops forgot pics 🫣
@Sassylimey LOVE!!!
Beautiful collection! I might start mine one more time ☺️
@RJG Sorry I was asleep now it’s Thursday πŸ₯²πŸ˜…