Posted 4w ago by @jcPlantProper

Quick funny story. When me and my husband were dating, I got him into outdoor plants mostly because I lived on a farm. So bananas and fruit trees mostly. Care for them is much different obviously then indoor plants so he just fertilized and sprayed for caterpillars. Now we live together and it’s indoor plants. His office at work has one window and I wanted to give him a plant to kind of liven up the area. I picked a lower light plant that doesn’t need to be watered much-Dracaena. He took the plant to work and I asked him how it looks in the corner. He’s like “good. So what? I water it every 3 or 4 days?” I almost spit out my food. basically the conversation ended with me telling him to take a picture of the soil and the plant before he even thinks about giving it any water. 😂
Sorry this is long but I had to share. I feel like people here would most appreciate this 😂 and also realize, some people just don’t know. When gifting people plants, SHOW THEM how to care for it. Tell them over and over.

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