Posted 4w ago by @ESylvanus

Update on my #PothosWater avocado experiment! There are a couple of leaves sprouting from what had been a barely started node! It looks like he’s going to live!! Thank you again @angelw1975 for sending the golden pothos!!
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
That’s so awesome. That’s one plant I never got to grow before.
I was looking at your oasis and the plant named mouse looks so cool. I haven’t seen one before and it looks so good in that pot. Well done setup. Looks so good with the flowers also
@SirLiquorice Do it! It’s so easy and really satisfying! I have a few pits in my pantry right now, here’s hoping they germinate!… 😅
@SirLiquorice Thank you! I’ve only had Mouse for a few weeks, so I’m still trying to dial in the care. Hoping she stays happy!
Yay!! What great results!! 🤩🤩🤩
@ESylvanus yeah mouse is one I do not have any experience with, so I would have to learn to care for it as well. But it looks so cool staged in the pot like that. I like the more unique and cool looking ones like that.
@ESylvanus seems like you may have the only one on the entire Greg app
@SirLiquorice I didn’t realize it was possibly the only one in the app. That’s kind of cool!
This is amazing!! So happy you’re having amazing results with #PothosWater!! 🥹🌱💧

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