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#plantlovestory pt3πŸ’š

My love for nature truly flourish when my husband and I moved to Arizona. I’ve never seen a cactus like the magnificent Saguaro. They are breathtaking. Every moment I was mesmerized by the creative landscaping, every tree, bush, and all plants. I finally had a place in my heart for them. I appreciated their willingness to live in such tough landscape.

Please share your #plantlovestory I’d love to hear how you fell in love with your favorite plants 🌱. It’s so amazing to read the stories that inspired a passion for plants πŸͺ΄

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Living in Hawaii definitely started it. Going on conservation hikes and learning about all the rare plants only found on the islands. Their ecosystem and folklore. Truly stunning.
@discreetwildyam wow, you’ve def have seen some naturally wild beauty πŸ’š
I took a horticulture class in high school for an easy credit. It was a long time ago and I forgot how much I loved indoor plants (I still had outdoor gardens going most of my life) until one day I was randomly thinking about a Hindu rope plant I used to have. I purchased one and it was all over after that.
@DefiantDndylion the β€œit was all over after that” lol I was hooked too, it took a little echeveria that was leggy with 1 leaf.
@jcPlantProper what sparked your love for plants? And what fueled your dream into a reality? I'm sure Greggers want to know. Please share your #plantlovestory
@AguaViviente long story short I was in college trying to get into vet school (which I did) and for an elective like @DefiantDndylion says too, I took a hort class and fell in love. I went on to environmental science and horticulture ! Somehow studying the environment and then always physically working with plants!
Nice Yuccas! I was also inspired by the flora of AZ!
@jcPlantProper wow, sometimes it’s the simple things that inspire usπŸ’š I love it
@SubTrop right!!! πŸ’š it might look barren yet very beautiful

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