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I think I burned my Hoya with neem oil mix. I sprayed my plants yesterday. Looks like the only plant that had immediate effect. But it’s only the bottom two leaves. The leaves didn’t look like this yesterday as far as I can remember. What do you more experienced plant parents think? Not so #HappyPlants
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 56 minutes ago
🥺 I'm sorry. I've never used neem oil because someone told me it burns plants, but @KikiGoldblatt has convinced me with her rave reviews and my first bottle of neem oil is coming tomorrow.

Kristy- do you have any tips for Sarah?
@sarahsalith I think I read to take it out of direct sunlight after treating with the mix… but it’s been VERY overcast so I left it in the window. I also am pretty sure this is a pot of newish cuttings so I wonder if this cutting just isn’t making it?
I've used 2-4 tbls per gallon + castile soap on many plants and never damaged the foliage. Sadly I don't own hoyas so I don't know if they are extra sensitive. I don't spray oil on the leaves and expose the plant to lots of light either until the spray has dried. I just know that with some extra precaution I've not had a negative experience with neem. That said I've only used two different brands as well. Sorry but I guess my answer is not too helpful in confirming or denying your outcome.
@FiercelyFree when using a premixed Neem Oil only use it every 7 days.

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