Posted 4d ago by @PlantyPlanter

I think Jim is opening up!😁 I’m getting pear moss today to put underneath all of the plants that need it so hopefully it will open fully soon! Thanks to @sarahsalith ! I hope the others still have a chance 🀞🏻 #FreshLeafFriday #SolomonSealClub
I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see the blooms!

Still waiting for mine to do something. (:
@ZestfullyDwarf has some Solomon Seal, too!
@sarahsalith no way! @ZestfullyDwarf can we see some pictures?
@sarahsalith on her oasis they look different πŸ€” I know there are different species though
@sarahsalith have you tried giving them some fertilizer? I know they might not need it but it might help them especially because if they state you got them in
@PlantyPlanter I believe when I first watered them, I had some Happy Happy Houseplant fertilizer in my watering can.

Now I need to let them dry for a bit. 😬
@sarahsalith are they that wet?!
@ZestfullyDwarf can we see some pics of your Solomon seal?
@PlantyPlanter they were swimming in the pots. One of the roots had floated to the top. 😬 I'm going to let them drain tonight and I'll make sure they are covered tomorrow.
@sarahsalith wow! At least they aren’t dry anymore!🀣

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