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I feel cheated and betrayed...I feel anger and a wee bit of joy.... my Lowe's and Walmart hands down sucks sweaty sad sacks... that's putting it nicely. I had to go to both places today but had a ... wild hair pop up... I said FUCK IT I'm going to try a newww Walmart and possible lowes.. I pondered until I decided new Albany (41 minutes away). So off I went... and can you believe THEY HAD SOME BOMB AF PLANTS?!?!?@?! AND FOR GREAT PRICES!!!@??@?@$&%&Γ·^Γ·&$*Γ—*$;'WUIEH*@&$^Γ·&$&Γ· #krunchytime #thunderdome #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #plantaholic #greggangΒ  #plantstash #plantshelfie
These are more πŸ€— I put more than a dent in this wallet yall! I'm in so much trouble 🀣🀣🀣
Annnnnd you got a varigated SOP?!??
These are so pretty!
Wow!!!! Score one for the box store.
@manylime it was $6!!!!
Some more lol
@ManyLime my eyes popped out when I saw the v sop πŸ‘€
@KrunchyWrap omg the Lithops are the cutest!!!
I can relate @krunchy. My Lowes and HD are pretty much useless most of the time.
Krunchy Wrap, I have to get plants in to over-wiΓ±ter. So I can't even look at a store that has plants! But I was gifted with 2 elephant ear plants this week! Beau the Black Beauty had a baby pop up yesterday! I am so excited!
And not to leave him out here's L.D.
So even when I don't go shopping, they're coming to my door. I can't turn them away, can I?
@PrimeChinarose I think it is illegal to turn them down.. and can't don't condone illegal activity lmao 🀣🀣🀣 that's really awesome! I had to cut a lot off my big elephant tree Big Willy bc of some brown spots disease he randomly got πŸ˜” I shouldn't have gotten these bc i have to start looking for wam spot for them all now but I never see succulents this nice except on the internet but for 20 bucks and these for 3 and 6 dollars especially the lilac mist!!! I was literally just about to buy one off etsy but boom 😍
There's a great plant green house about 5 miles away from me. That place is amazing! They have everything. A whole greenhouse of sedums another with cacti. Everything from carnivorous plants to house plants to seasonal, and garden & shrubs.
It's all I can do to stay away, Krunch Wrap!
@PrimeChinarose omg you most definitely have more self control than me. I went 41 minutes OUT OF MY WAY Just to see if they MIGHT have something I liked... i couldn't having a nice nursery like that AND it be close? They get rich and i would be living in a box next to all my plants in some field/forest area that's located close to the nursery so I could keep getting more. Lmao

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