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This little SOP has come so far in 7 months! Rescued her from a grocery store. First plant I ever tried to grow in leca and I'd call it a success! #NewGrowth #StringOfPearls
Omg!!!!! Good work!!!
Wow that’s Plantastic! I love mine. Hope she grows as good as yours! πŸ‘
What do you have her growing in? I just ordered a variegated SOP and may want to try this.
Omg get out of here this is amazing! SOP are so fussy β€” that is one happy happy plant.
@Hypsie right now it's just leca balls in a coffee mug! The root system is very fine and small so I barely keep a water reservoir and I only water when bone dry and the top pearls are squishy
@Kiersten thanks! For some reason this one flourished and grew much faster than the ones I have in soil... Very strange!
Congrats! Great work!, so satisfying.
This transformation is *INCREDIBLE* 🀩😯😍
You went from the cutting on the left to the plant on the right??? That’s incredible!! That SOP is gorgeous!! I’ve got to try that!!
@KKSlider way to go, awesome πŸ‘ work. It’s beautiful 🀩
Success!!! She’s a beauty!!

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