Posted 4M ago by @LadyStarStrings

Since my workplace doesn't mind me snagging them, I took some time to gather some buds/cuttings/propagations growing in some of the pots today~ πŸ₯°

Some already have roots budding, and others need to sprout them yet, but all in all, I have high hopes for all these kiddos to become big, beautiful plants of their own. 🌿✨️
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Amazing!! I try and always fail. Lol. Do you keep the soil moist all of the time or cover them like a greenhouse effect? I love your artistic layout 😍
@Mindalin310 I usually try to keep the soil moist, but I also let it dry for a day or so to prevent rot from setting in. They get sprayed down to prevent mold and mites with a few lil slow-release fertilizer pellets tossed in too for good measure.

Also, thank you~ 😊 I had to rearrange for some of the ones I gathered today, so I figured a circular pattern would be best.

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