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Took a cue from somebody else on here who said they rescued a fallen succulent leaf from a store recently. This big guy was just sitting on a shelf! Hoping he grows roots unlike what's left of my last succulent. #whatthesucc #propagation
Good luck Cassandra!!
My babies popped through(a little inspiration for your leaf babies)
@HoyaAddict Any advice to someone who want to propagate succulents for the first time? I have watched videos and had no luck so far
@user41c305b3 Sure! Tbh I pretty much leave them in a bright place with no direct sun and ignore them most of the time haha. Outside is great too (that’s where I left this batch), then I give a light water maybe once every two weeks Drain off any excess if it seems a bit wet. Water the soil only when it looks dryyyyyy haha(Like my dry crispy legs in the winter) 🦵. Succulents don’t like too much humidity, so no prob boxes or covers are needed. Yay! I find sometimes a leaf may fail (one in this batch died off for me) don’t stress, it probably wasn’t strong enough to produce a baby so it just died. Nothing you could have done, some leaves are not plump enough! Do not cut off the mother leaf, when a baby succulent is growing she will drain everything she can from the mother leaf. It will eventually shrivel up and it should naturally fall off (or be lightly nudged off) Main ingredient is patience, they can take a little while to get going. First you will see teeny tiny roots come from the cut edge. You don’t need to touch them or bury them. They will find their own way into the soil😊 soon after you will start to get tiny leaves. When you get baby leaves still only water when the soil is dry. They won’t need too much water, they’re still mainly living off the leaf. You can transfer them into their own pots when the mother leaf falls off. I really hope this helps, succulents we’re the first plants I learned to take care of and they are such a delight when you get the hang of propagating them. I’m looking forward to updates 😍
4 of my babies already spread little roots, one of them already has a baby-plant. #HappySucculents #SucculentSquad #Succulents #babysucculent

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