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It's #selfiesaturday so here's a few of my favorite plants πŸͺ΄! We've got #philodendron Florida Green, #hoya aff Burtoniae, #scindapsus Pictus Exotica, Philo Micans, and #ficus Tineke!
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For the full video with more plants check out my tiktok:
Lol. You always have fun with the selfies. Need some cactus in there is the only problem. Lol
@SirLiquorice I do need some, only have a few succs! I prefer cacti over succs any day. Lived in Tucson AZ during HS and ❀️ the desert!
@ThePlantDadLife Dr Gary Duke is one of my favorite sources for cacti. also
Here's my #SelfieSaturday from the #Ecuagenera pop up shop with #DMVGregGang @tmbryant37 and IVAN!! πŸ’– These aren't mine, but at a new favorite nursery!
@SirLiquorice thanks! Followed!
@AwesomePlants beautiful pictures and even more beautiful plants!
Where is @RJG and the rest of my #northtexasgreggang?! Let's see 'em! πŸ‘€ πŸͺ΄
@AwesomePlants lol such happiness in those photos. That nursery looks awesome. Good pics
@JungleLady505 ooh that grafted one in the first pic looks especially cool
@JungleLady505 ❀️ it!
@ThePlantDadLife Dr Gary Duke is so awesome. You can see his collection on YouTube when he was on a couple cactus quest videos. He will ship to you very quickly and everything is always packaged safely. Never had issues with any of my orders. And I can’t remember how many I have ordered from him anymore. and
@ThePlantDadLife both of those videos are pretty good. Shows some of the amazing plants and knowledge Dr Duke has. He will video chat with you on instagram so you can shop from another state without having to travel to Long Beach. Texas is way too far. Lol. His book is also good
@AwesomePlants OMG love your earrings and the pics!
I’ll j m pp
@YammieOf3 Thank you!
@jason…..that Florida Green tho!!!!!!!
@SirLiquorice were also talking to him because of his extensive cactus photo collection and knowledge.
Here is my contribution to #selfiesaturday! A few of my #workplants decided to help me out today πŸ˜‹
@TJphilobsessed where’s your selfie Teri????
I forgot a pic
@TJphilobsessed I know right?!
@SirLiquorice I will def check those out! Thanks!
@ManyLime love 'em! πŸ˜†
@YammieOf3 those are great! Is that the new Rio?!
Wow! Those are some very pampered plants! They look awesome. πŸͺ΄πŸ’–
Beautiful plants my guyyyyyy
@AwesomePlants beauty!!!

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