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πŸ₯³ Happy Tuesday, #GregGang! πŸ₯³

I’m so excited! I’m finally getting the #AloePolyphyla or #SpiralAloe I’ve been waiting for! I ordered two. One that spirals to the left and one to the right. If they are both the same, who cares? I just love these and they had been on my #NonPriorityPlantWishlist because of their cost. Here are SAMPLE IMAGES for your viewing enjoyment! The first is the adult and the second is the 12 month seedlings I’ll be receiving in a few weeks.

Aren’t they cute? I like rare plants so this was on a low list since they tend to be very expensive as they get larger and larger!

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Wow!! Gorgeous 😍😍. So sorry the little 12 month old will start to spiral πŸŒ€? About how long does that take?
Holy crap! Congrats! Nature is so damn cool 😍😍😍
Whoa that Spiral Aloe is amazing 😍
@MariansOasis I’m not sure but it’s already spiraling. The 12 month old is spiraling in the same direction as the one in the adult image
@RealSimpleMama Thanks! I thought so too! When I saw them several years ago, my jaw dropped. 😁
@Sassylimey yes, indeed! 😁
@FitSedum I’m so happy for you! (And impressed with the willpower to wait that long!) πŸ˜‰ Be sure to show us pics when your babies arrive!
@RealSimpleMama I sure will! I’m patient since I know they can grow fairly quickly once outdoors. Agave and Aloe grow well in our parts. A 6 inch Agave grew into a 12 inch from Spring to Autumn and it’s still growing in the garage under grow lights but not as much. I’m going to bring the Agave and cacti out this Spring but the rest have to stay indoors. We have a cicada season up here and that’s detrimental to our softer, fleshier plants. I can’t wait for these to arrive and start growing! I’m so excited!
Wow, how exciting you are getting a baby Spiral! The adult is beyond beautiful. Here in the UK the weather doesn't suit cacti and succulents, so I only have a very few. πŸ’–πŸŒΏ
Yeah, I like those, too; just not willing to pay the $100+ price tag.
@SubAlp these were just under $20 for 2 inch pots on Etsy. I’m ok buying small. 😁
@FitSedum sweet! Could you post the link for me?
@FitSedum thanks! Looks like he’s sold out. Nice find!
That is stunning!
@FitSedum so beautiful 😍
@KDkat3 @alex Thank you. I’m glad you all think so!
@LuxuryMint I see. Do you keep them indoors? Believe it or not, the weather in Central Texas is too much for succulents. We can keep Cacti and Agave however it’s a bit too hot and sunny for succulents. We had to buy shade sails to protect our plants in the summer. I feel they do best in areas where they can get an ocean breeze or where they get 6 hours of Morning sun and the rest of the day is shade. I noticed mine do much better like this. Only Agave at the front of my house from here on.πŸ˜…
Yes mine are all indoors, on the brightest available window sill. It's usually too rainy or too cold for them outside. Do you think they mostly need low relative humidity? I've been keeping them in a separate room to my tropicals who all like warm and humid. πŸŒΏπŸ’•