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What’s the best homemade pest repellent for Spider Plants? 🪴

I feel like my Spider Plant is starting to brown and get little holes from the pests. Anything will help at this point hahah 😩
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16ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
If you can see any pests, remove them. I don’t know if a homemade solution.
@user2616 I think and this is a good answer!
Thank you so so much for the tips! I will definitely be trying some of these out! ❤️🪴
One of the best ways to repel pests is also by preventing overwatering! I love this bright red pot, but it may be a bit too large for the plant and retaining a lot of water. Try letting it dry out well between waterings and see if that helps! Also: neem oil, insecticidal soap/spray, and alcohol are all good pest killers/control! 😁
I agree with Moni. The browning is likely from over watering. Spider plants like a snug pot. I would repot into something much smaller and let it dry a bit between watering.
Been watering way less, and that seems to be working out well, the plant is actually doing much better now. The reason for the big pot is because I repotted two completely grown spider plants into one. So I think I might have to buy another pot then hahah - thank you all so much for the recommendations!
@NewGrowth I was definitely overwatering, and I’ve been trying my hardest to make it a habit not to - thank you so much for all the tips I will definitely use some of these!
@justonemore yeah I think it might be too big, I bought this plant for my two spider plants that I put together. I’m gonna try and look around for a much smaller pot and eventually put them in those. Thank you so much! ❤️
@NewGrowth overall the pest problem has really decreased though - I stopped using natural fertilizers that I found online and just stuck to watering until I can get actual plant food/fertilizer in the near future. I recently bought a really big thing of soil so I gave it fresh soil and now I’m just waiting on the baby spider plants to fully grow so I can start growing more in their old tiny pots. 🤗
@nikkiteen awesome! I’m happy you got it figured out 😁
@nikkiteen also your profile pic is giving me life!!!

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