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#PothosWater gets results!! Hello #GregGang and all people out there in Gregville. Yesterday I gathered one cutting from my #StringOfRubies to compare side by side #pothoswater VS tap. I checked my picture timestamp at 1pm yesterday was when I cut the vine. So...right side is pothos water left side is tap. See that little root there....saw that in the #pothoswater side at 11am.
Needless to say @kscape this could not wait for my Saturday #ScienceWithGreg post. This plant is always a quick root but never in less than 24 hours. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ₯°
Woah! I’ve also never had any of my SOR root within 24 hours!! This is actually amazing!! 😍😍
@kscape IKR?! I was gazing out the window and just happened to look. (I planned to take a pic every day at the same know science πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚) I RAN to my phone to post this 🀣🀣
I wonder what the results would be if you left your tap water out over night first? I assume with the pothos water that any chemicals that had been in the water that would evaporate have done so already. I wonder what the results would look like. When my pothos gets a little bigger and ready to trim Ill have to try with tap, filtered, and pothos. That should be interesting to see.
@GiftedRainbow That sounds like a great experiment! Cause you guess right....I just turned on the tap and filled the tube 🀣 for science...
@PlantEsteem πŸ˜‚ I’m fascinated by the #PothosWater idea. I’d love to see it compare to different water settings and see the various efficiencies.
It really is great stuff! And I am just putting things in sound like you are really gonna do some science! So interested to see your posts and results!πŸ₯° I am trying to get a regular Saturday science post going....Show Off your #ScienceWithGreg Saturday.....or something like that. Interested in showing off with me @GiftedRainbow?
@GiftedRainbow pothos water has a rooting hormone in it. The hormone won’t evaporate like a gaseous chemical.
@PlantEsteem sounds like fun! I just moved my pothos from its nursery pot so I imagine it’ll be a few weeks, but let’s do it!
@Kwanna I assumed that the original pothos cutting was stuck in tap water and that any chemicals that had originally been in the tap water had long since evaporated compared to the new tap water. How much more effective would it be to use filtered water vs tap? That kind of thing.
@GiftedRainbow Well ok then. Saturdays it is then!! So excited!!
@GiftedRainbow I’ve had a higher success rate with Distilled (β€œsafely”) than with any water (tap, bottled, rain, etc) when doing #PothosWater. I’ve rooted Pothos cuttings with Philos on my free time and these are my results; these were all done using Golden Pothos and a Heartleaf Philodendron. Same environment, lighting and water container. From my notes:

June 11, 2022
β€’Tap water (straight out of the sink) - take 6-8 days to start rooting.
β€’Tap Water (after 24 hours) - takes 6 days to start rooting.
β€’Water Bottle (after opening) - take 4-5 days to root.
β€’Water Bottle (left open) - 4-5 days to root
β€’Distilled Water - 4 days to root
β€’Distilled/Pothos- 2-4 days to root
β€’100% Pothos Water - took about 16 hours to develop root nub

These are my results. I used glass containers, left under a grow light for 8-10 hours a day and changed water every 8-9 days. No cuttings rotted, and now I have an abundance of Heartleaf.
@kscape thanks for this. I have a staring point for my documentation. This really is fascinating! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
@kscape this is amazing! How long is the Pothos water useful? Is it just one round of cuttings or could you use it multiple times?
@GiftedRainbow if you want me to be honest, I dilute my Pothos water 50/50 with distilled and works fantastic. My VSOH is literally growing 2 leaves and they’ve grown in size over the last 2 days. Im going to be making an update post for #ScienceWithGreg :)

Just take the Pothos water that’s currently holding ur cuttings, filter with mesh or strainer and then use! My cuttings sit in a mason jar and I fill it halfway.
@kscape I love vsoh!!! Would get one if the only one I can find wasn’t $40. πŸ˜…
This is so cool, I need to hop on board!! I just don’t have a giant pothos, she’s a tiny baby. πŸ₯²
@tango if u were closer, I’d drop cuttings off rn!! I HAVE SO MANY!
@tango I'm always willing to donate to the cause!!! I have plenty of pothos cuttings from all in my oasis at all stages....
@kscape @PlantEsteem awe thank you!!! I’m having a bad day because several of my plants are dying or have root problems/sunburn, but this really helps!! To @PlantEsteem… maybe a cutting trade? I feel bad taking plants for nothing. πŸ˜… I have satin and marble queen maybe available, and I also have lots of heartleaf philo. Idk how it would work but we could figure that out!! 😁
@tango Always willing to trade! You can email me what you want and what stage...I can trim you a cutting or give you rooted ones.
@PlantEsteem awesome thank you!! I’ll take a look around and see what I can find, then email you later today. 😁
@tango Sounds like a plan!

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