Posted 1w ago by @RJG

Oh look @KrunchyWrap Veronica is beginning her tantrum πŸ™„ #DesertRosePlant #NewPotNewTantrum #BackyardGreenhouse #RJGroup
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
@rjg typical desert rose. Mine literally JUST STOPPED throwing its tantrum and all I did... was move it to a different spot. Like golly gee wilikers ya diva next time I'll let the dog pee on you and we'll see how badly you want to stay at asparagus falls. Lol
I killed mine
@MoorePlantsPls they drop all their leaves when they're repotted. Has happened to me EVERYTIME without fail.

This is all to say you might not have killed it. Here was Dez when he first started making his comeback.

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