Posted 2w ago by @Wickedlemons

#PropagationStation #PlantsMakePeopleHappy Got in another order of cuttings! Super excited to get these beauties rooting. Im adding pothos cuttings to them all. Can’t believe what a difference that makes #PlantMail
Dude, those prop stations are so cute💚, did you make them yourself? Also, what’s the source of your cuttings?
@AguaViviente hey there! I bought the big on on Amazon for pretty cheap. The second one I purchased as an add on with my cuttings from Etsy. I get my cuttings Etsy: MegansPlantBoutique & Jonesn4Plants. Both have great quality cuttings and package well. I’ve never had an issue with my orders.
@Wickedlemons imma check those out, thanks

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