Posted 2w ago by @Vjunc

I’m going to have to repot or add more soil to this gal- I see her roots poking through the soil. She is doing much better now since I brought her home all her leaves are opened and new growth is starting to unfurl ❤️ what soil should I add or should I just repot?
4” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
Best Answer
I would repot so it has all the same soil even if it’s back into the exact same pot
It seems to have a lot of room at the top. I’d refresh add some chunky mix and the bottom and put back in. They like to be tight in their pot.
@Mrgncrch thank you!
@Vinxy2 thank you!!
@Mrgncrch does the soil matter? I have a mix that’s 2 parts regular soil 1 part perlite or should I add some orchid bark?
@Vjunc I’d add some orchid bark to be safe!

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