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More #ThriftStoreFinds : 🐣 Egg “planter”, 🌱 Wrought iron “plant riser”, and a Terracotta tray. #repurpose . Show me your treasures/ideas!
2” pot with drainage
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how do you get such nice planters 🥲 all the cute ones here have no drainage
@voidnuggets Oh, me neither! Diamond drill bits are this girl’s best friend. I use my drill to drill holes. Found a “how to” vid on YouTube and the drill bits were about $7 on Amazon.
@Hypsie i need to try that!! i’ll go dig out my great grandpas toolbox when i have the time so i can finally get some cute pots :)
Super cute. Love the unique pots
@CalitoCarolinaCor Thank you!
Where do you get your pots from they are beautiful 🤩
@Cherryheart Thank you 😊 I found the Egg cup and a few others at Good Will (thrift). Most aren’t really planters. So I drill a hole. And I’ve been making pinch pots with air dry clay & sealing with varnish to waterproof. Fun & inexpensive!
@voidnuggets I also used a couple of mugs. Before I could drill holes, I used water bottles as liners, or gatorade, whatever fit in the mug. And heated up a screwdriver over the stove to create drainage holes in the plastic. Then you just pop out the plastic container to water. Some are in still in their nursery pots inside mugs/planters. Hope you find some cute ones!
@Hypsie thank you so much!! now i can stop being annoyed at all the drainage-less planters ^^

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