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I got a bunch of new succ clippings in the post today and I'm so stoked! Even tho I don't know what any of them are... πŸ˜… #succulents
echeveria (the rosette ones), crassula (the stacky ones), sedum (pink candy looking one) and kalanchoe (the two streaky dudes next to the coins) i think!
@strawberrymoon thank you! This one is my favourite of the bunch! (The pink one.) So funky!
@WickedValkyrie i have a relative of this dude (excuse the scarring he had scale at some point) !! they all look like jelly beans i love them
sorry the pic isn’t attaching smh, you can find him in my oasis!! he’s the green gummy looking guy
Hehe "jello boi"... How cute! I named mine Bubblegum Princess πŸ˜†
@strawberrymoon I wanna say this one is Jade? πŸ€” Looks like my Jade but with bigger leaves... 🧐
Awww 🀩🀩🀩πŸ₯° I like all of them. Where did you order them?
Sedum clavatum
@vvvelo thank you! I really couldn't figure that one out! Lol and I got them from The Succulent Cult on Amazon (:
@vvvelo any idea on this one?
@vvvelo or this one?
@vvvelo Lastly this one? I'm leaning toward crassula ovata variegata? Closest resemblance I could find on Google...
Maybe also this one... Chicks N Hens?
@WickedValkyrie no that is not hens n chick
@WickedValkyrie yes that is variegated Crassula ovata.
This is sedum or Graptosedum, probably Adolphi. They all look the same and love a lot of sunlight.
@vvvelo thank you, thank you!!!

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