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Bad news guys. My plant was delivered to somebody else today. Even the track number says it was delivered to me. The seller on Etsy does not respond. The package did not arrive to me. I am upset. My beautiful missis Richards will die in somebody’s hands …. #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents
Oh no! Can they not check where it was delivered or the address? Maybe you can drive around and go to similar address as you? I’ve done it before where they’ve β€œdelivered plants to me”, but it was down the street or the wrong mail box and I’ve asked nicely.

I hope the seller answers within a couple hours/days! If not, I’m so scared it may have been a scam 😭
The seller had to of put the wrong address on there or the mail person snagged it and marked it as delivered either way that really sucks it's not cool
You should be able to file a claim with Etsy and you should definitely go to your post office and discuss it with him that's on their ass
@kscape I’ve contacted Etsy support. They said I can open the case tomorrow.
@KrunchyWrap it was delivered by UPS. Usually ups drivers always find my house or mailbox.
Yea upside usual pretty good about deliveries. Then the seller had to either wrote the wrong address or is in serious need of foot in the arse πŸ€”
I hope the seller sends you a new one hun cause it blows having your package go MIA or mis delivered
Oh I’m so sorry! I know you were excited to get it, too! I hope it gets resolved so you can get your beautiful plant!
Oh shoot man. Hopefully you at least get a refund
@jcPlantProper Etsy already gave me 15$…. But the plant cost more than this. This was the most expensive plant in my poor collection 😭😭
I won’t stop, and order new one from another seller 🀩🀩 I already fall in love with mrs Richards 😍😍😍
Sorry to hear about the beautiful succulent. Hope all works out. 🀨
This is horrible!!! I hope you get a response....your poor baby...😭😭

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