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Another plant lesson learned today how to trim, clean, and tie up a Braided Ficus
1. Pull it out get a good 360 view
2. This is personal choice: I’ve seen video where people trim first. I chose to tie it up first, trim and shape from there.
3. This is the result: fuller look, bushy, and this will aid in growing out more, fuller and bushy as time goes along. #TipsandTricks #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #FicusGang #PlantAddict #Ficus #PlantTherapy #GregGang
Looks beautiful!
It looks great Joe!
Great work Joe!
@greenie_sprout9 thank you
@Vjunc thank you
@RJG thank you
Wow!!! Are money trees the same as Ficus?
@HappyPlantBFF not the same very different, but have some similar look
@Joedestefano money trees bring good luck, whereas a ficus brings nothing but misery πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
@Kwanna I guess it’s good I’ve got a money tree too near 7’ tall
That’s beautiful!!
@TJphilobsessed thank you
Looks wonderful!
@Planthoader thank you
Wow! This is beautiful! Great job!
@Jana85 thank you
@Jana85 nice collection Wow!!!
I agree, I think I would want to trim after! It looks excellent, can't wait to see how it grows from here!
@Joedestefano oh thank you!!! ☺️
@Joedestefano what a beauty you have there. Great job it is beautiful
@Joedestefano wow. It’s a beauty 😘. Mine is still a baby
@Joedestefano Holy cow, that’s a hell of a big money tree! When they are smaller they usually have a rubber band around the trunks to train them to stay braided, I guess. But that also contributes to early demise! Your tree must not have any negative issues afflicting it? How old is your tree ? How long have you owned it?
@Ms.Persnickety I think a little over a year now. It was a birthday gift from my Mom. She was the one who taught me about plants when I was a kid. It was half that size when I got it.
@Joedestefano That was a really wonderful gift, one that keeps on givingπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
@Kwanna they are temperamental, for sure! I had a Ficus plant once and it was about 6 feet tall. It was happy in his spot and grew lots of leaves and branches for years! But when we moved, he didn’t quite like whatever spot I placed him at. Began to shed leaves and eventually died. But aside from their preferences with location, they are gorgeous indoor plants.

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