Posted 1M ago by @WholeRockcress

Where are my XPs? I went to close to 2,000 to just over 200 😞
@rjg is working on this now!
Hey Jillian! We had a bug that's now fixed. We're currently figuring out the best way to restore XP from our backups. Hang with us (mine are gone too 😭)!
@RJG hahaha! No worries! Thank you for your response!
Oh @RJG ....I see that.....ouch😭 hope you both get your xp back EARNED those things...🀣
I was gonna say the same thing but am glad to see it’s being taken care of! πŸ™‚ Hope everyone gets their XP back!
Hey Jillian
Your points should be back (or as close as we can get) to normal! Let me know if you're seeing issues still!
@RJG Thank you!! 🀩
@LeighannM no problem sorry for the minor scare this morning!!

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