Posted 1M ago by @DefiantDndylion

The humanity🫣😱😱 even worse it was my own fault! Rushing to water before work. Here’s a friendly reminder to slow down or you might fall and break your pot and/or your stem. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HoyaHangout #relaxandenjoy
OMG!!! Are you OK? Poor lil plant!!! Hope it is okay too!🥰
Oh no!!! Sorry this happened. Hope you and the plant are okay. 💚
Noooo. Rushing in to start CPR immediately. Get a little plant ambulance 🚑
@DefiantDndylion Oops, my nightmare 😱😬😱
We are all fine! I accused Oswalt (the second) of wanting to be the center of attention so he jumped while I was grabbing Carl so I could water him 😂 hopefully his fresh growth doesn’t decide to fall off!

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