Posted 1Y ago by @BananaHipster

Grocery store "rescue" transforms lily

It's amazing what a "rescue" from the grocery store will do.
1ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
That's INCREDIBLE! What a green thumb you have! #BeforeAndAfter
A few days apart?????
@jcPlantProper Yes! It did NOT look like that when I left on Friday and when I came in on Monday it was a whole new plant!!
@sarahsalith lol I wouldn't go that far. Pretty sure a plant fairy visited it over the weekend. He'd just opened up a little before I left work on Friday, but when I came in on Monday I couldn't believe it was the same plant!

I've been meaning to post it all week and just kept forgetting.
@BananaHipster nice! I will say too, if the office lights were turned off it’s possible too he was looking for some light? That’s some MAJOR GROWTH
That’s awesome
That’s awesome.