Posted 2w ago by @emmymoon

This lil guy is grown from my great-great-grandfathers award winning huge Christmas Cactus. It is loving it’s new home on this sunny shelf and the leaves have gone from droopy to fully perked up with one little bloom ❤️ #FalseChristmasCactus #HappyPlants
4ft to light, direct
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Wow a Bloom already, how wonderful. Such a special memory plant. I am hoping for blooms this year too.
Beautiful!! Even better when a plant has a great story behind it! Looks great 💚
I love a good plant story!! Looks like you have a happy lil cactus there.
What a great plant origin story! What color are the flowers? I have one with beautiful deep pink flowers. I got it at Trader Joe’s several years ago. I leave it out all summer until some cool weather has come, then bring it in. That is what causes it to set buds and bloom tremendously each fall, like Old Faithful. This year for the first time, it also bloomed 3 more times after its fall bloom. What a surprise! I don’t know what caused that.

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