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Bugs πŸ˜–. I’m having a terrible time with these little flying pests. I thought perhaps gnats? The plant that has the most gnats is the plant doing the worst. It had two little leaves, but they fell off yesterday. It looks like there is some new growth so I’m not giving up on the plant yet. But, any suggestions? I have yellow sticky traps but I’m not sure what else to try.
6” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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I should say, I break the little donuts in thirds and soak a piece overnight in a jug of water; use that "tea" to water my plants. πŸ€—
Hi Rebecca, gnats really took the joy out of plant care for me for a little while. But it got better ☺️
I started using Mosquito Dunks. I was *horribly* overrun with gnats and these turned things around for me quickly. Apparently, they're safe in bird baths and in ponds with fish so I feel ok using them. Good luck πŸƒπŸ¦πŸŒ»
@corvidfan Thanks for the suggestion!
Cinnamon sprinkled on top of the soil will also take care of fungus gnats! οΏΌ Pesky little things!! οΏΌ
@corvidfan I never thought about using these! that’s a great idea! οΏΌ
Gnats follow where moisture goes. It’s possible that you may be having your soil too moist, which is what is attracting the gnats. If you don’t mind me asking, what plant is in that pot?
I struggle with these jerks, too. I’ve done the cinnamon thing, and it lasted for like a day before they got used to the smell. I did enjoy having my house smell like a cinnamon roll though. Gonna try those mosquito dunks. Great idea!
You're gunna have to use a multi-system approach. Mosquito bit tea, systemic granules, and a Zevo worked great for me. A layer of sand on top of the soil also works. You may also want to let the soil dry out more between waterings, water from the bottom, or increase air flow or sunlight to help dry out the soil.
@FairFicus Thanks for the suggestion!
@kscape it’s a watermelon peperomia that’s on its last legs.
@discreetwildyam thanks! I’d never heard of zevo before. What do you recommend for systemic granules?
@corvidfan I just placed an Amazon order for some of them these gnats are about to kill me πŸ™ƒ
Yeah I have them at the moment as well. I believe mine is due to overwatering so going to pull back on that to see if that works first. I got some of the sticky things as well and on one there are a stack of them!
This is the best excuse to buy another plant. I have bought a couple different pitcher plants and a sundew and the gnats are gone now. The carnivorous plants can help take care of that for you naturally. Just let Mother Nature take care of them
This one works very well on gnats and flying insects of almost any size big or small. Plus the sundew blooms a lot for me.
The second pic is the smaller one as far as pitchers but the little pitchers were full of gnats it was crazy
This one also
It’s getting big
@Mrgncrch at the risk of sounding overly dramatic: these little donuts changed the trajectory of my plant journey..haha. and while I always prefer the natural approach as @SirLiquorice suggests (and such pretty blooms, too!) I will always keep dunks around just in case 😁.

I can't wait to hear how happy you are, Mo, once they work their magic for you πŸ€—πŸŒ»πŸƒ
@ArtisteCordmoss bonide makes awesome systemic granules and a liquid spray. I have both depending on the situation.
@corvidfan My limit was one more gnat flying in my face 🀣
@corvidfan I’m having the same issue. Do you suggest buying this dunk and setting a separate dish of water to kill the gnats? My plants are indoors.
I am having g the same problem with gnats but they have invaded my little prop dish. What can be safest used on the tender plants proping. @corvidfan @ArtisteCordmoss @ArtisteCordmoss @kscape @FairFicus @Mrgncrch @discreetwildyam @Ehlane @Steff
@ArtisteCordmoss I got the Bondie ones and so far they work great. After about a week or so, there was a big difference. You can get a Zevo at most big box stores too.
@Stall54Jo this is how I deal with my gnat issues along with sticky traps. I’ve never had issues with prop boxes so I’m unsure how to go about it!

If they’re succulent leaves, it’s possible that spraying this homemade concoction may help?
@ArtisteCordmoss No problem! A friend of mine told me today that she talked with her pest control company and they said put a little Dawn dishwashing soap in some water in a squirt bottle and just spray the top of the dirt and that it makes like a film so that the fungus gnats will die! they can’t breathe and it will not hurt your plants! οΏΌ
@Stall54Jo , try @kscape special brew lol I have multiple cups around my plant stands and it does help kill them! I also have some sticky traps that help! And I have some mosquito dunks that I’m gonna try as well, they’re taking over my life πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
@Thecruziest Hi Steven, no, adult gnats aren't attracted to it (don't use it like vinegar in a fruit fly trap), it's toxic to their larvae.

Pour the dunk tea where they're laying their eggs - your plant soil.

Because they go from egg to adult in a matter of days, your experience should be like mine and I had a dramatic visible difference very quickly! Such a relief πŸ™

P.S. I use this in my indoor plants

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