Posted 1Y ago by @CalitoCarolina

I have 2 large 10” plastic pot in my house with multiple succulents in each. From Snake, Fire Storm, Scallops, Aloe, Fire Stick, Echeveria & even thimble cactus. When our app says it’s time to water, I am assuming because my pot is so big and it’s only referencing one plant it’s a full 2 cups of water. I would share the 2 cups of water throughout the entire pot? Splitting the water with everyone? I give my cactus just a bit at it’s base.
One last thing is I would like to be able to make a comment on the plant my findings or what has happened during our learning process. For example I watered my firestorms (3) but 2 died. Now I’m down to 1. To moist, water, maybe previously sickish?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago

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