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I am a plant novice and found myself starting out with wh...

I am a plant novice and found myself starting out with what I call my dramatic teenager plant, a pinstripe calathea. Of course, I got him because he was pretty and.... well, that was about it. I want to add some more vibrant pretty plants to my collection, but I would like to know if there are any you plant veterans recommend for a VERY new plant mom.
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@TenderBeebalm I think Aglaonema is pretty easy going. And there are lots of varieties/colors.
I started with the calathea Makoyana. And it was SO easy on me and grew so fast and beautiful, it convinced me I wanted all the calatheas (Goeppertia). I love that they are safe for pets!
I got the Pinstripe as my second, and it almost changed my mind πŸ˜†
Now I have 7 different, and the Pinstripe is still the most dramatic when it comes to new leavesπŸ™ˆ
So I reccomend every other plant but the PinstripeπŸ˜‚ But they say calatheas are divas so usually not for beginners anyway, unless you are lucky like meπŸ˜†

Other plants I know is easy going, as long as you don't overwater is the spiderplant and snake plant. They tend to be hardy, so often they tolerate to be mistreated for a while too. I love my bird nest snake plant