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i wanted to ask yall if you would be interested in a succulent care post? @HoyaAddict made a really cool post about common pests + treatments and i was wondering if something similar but for succulent care would be useful/interesting!! ofc it’s gonna be a little biased bc it’s my personal experience in my home environment but i think there’s quite a few rules that apply to general care πŸ€” #SucculentSquad
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Yes do it please! I see alot of sad succulents on here sometimes and they could definitely do with the help! You also have the best advice ❀️🌱
Yes! Go for it! I'd read it! πŸ€—
Please 🫢🏻
Yes, please!
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That would be amazing!
@strawberrymoon I agree too with @HoyaAddict
I just go straight to chemical warfare haha. Sap sucking pest - imidacloprid, spidermites- abamectin. Saves you $$$ and apply once every 6mosπŸ˜…. Applies to succ, caudex and aroids.
@cjred oh mood !! i have systemics on my outdoor succulents pretty much all the time since my house has an aphid problem in the warmer months lol
@cjred btw i recently got some zeolite for my succulent mix, how much should i use? main component is akadama, rn i think the zeolite is maybe 20% of the mix
@strawberrymoon yes warmer months are the worse!!
@strawberrymoon just 10-15%
@cjred ok, thank you!! ill take it out before i plant my suc :) and ikr…aphids coming for my plants and mosquitos coming for me 😭
@RJG do we have a hashtag for some sort of "help" or "cheat sheet" type place?
@PlantMompy we have some pest control related ones! what did @HoyaAddict use? she was the first big one!
@RJG i’m not too sure but #PestControl seems to be a pretty prevalent one!!
@RJG I was thinking #TipsandTricks
@HoyaAddict both seem good!
@strawberrymoon yes! I’m not too good with succulents πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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