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This thing was nuts to try and untangle. Her roots were all compacted and spongy! I couldn’t really do much. I gave fresh soil, systemic insecticide granules and some fertilizer. I’m letting it soak for a couple hours in the new pot to hopefully get some of those roots moving!

I’ve heard #FiddleLeafFig’s are temperamental, anyone else encounter this and it turn out good or bad? Let me know 🙂

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15ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
What kind of soil did you repot it in? Thinking about getting one of these
@HeiressChollipo I’m just using a standard organic potting mix. This is my first fiddle leaf fig so we’ll see how this goes! 🤞
Mine was root bound when I first got it. The pot was tiny. I’ve had to re-pot it twice and it’s roots are already growing out of the last pot I put it in. Anytime I see what you have, just re-pot it in loose mix and give it time to expand its roots. It’ll be ok.
@FitSedum thanks for the reassurance! I’m feeling a bit better about it since it’s still pushing out new growth, so that’s a good sign. My monstera was also SUPER root bound about a month ago like I couldn’t even budge anything so I just put loose mix in a larger pot and it’s been good so far. I’m actually thinking of going a bit larger so I can adjust the moss pole some more.

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