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A lil’ birthday gift to me 🥳 ✨
(+ an adorable lil peperomia cuz my local plant shop is the sweetest 💚)

Any experience /tips / or anything else for #Caladium totally welcome ~ these are my first ~ let the adventure begin!
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Happy birthday my fellow Aries☺️♈️💜
Aww happy birthday! It was my birthday on the 7th and I got plants as well as caladiums for my birthday too! I found mine love lots of heat, sun and water! Humidity also helps if you have it.
happy birthday!! <3 no tips from me bc i don’t have caladiums but iirc they have a dormancy period so you might want to search that up :)
So vibrant. Makes me happy just staring at your picture
Happy Birthday to a fellow Aries ♈️ as well. 💚💚🌱🌱

When grown indoors, they need ample bright, but indirect sunlight to grow. If grown outdoors they prefer shade to dappled sunlight. Too much light will cause the vibrant colors to fade. During their growing season, these plants like their rich well-draining soil to be kept evenly moist but never soggy.

Keeping the humidity high in a heated home may be done with misting and by placing a saucer filled with pebbles and water under the container. The evaporation will moisten the ambient air and provide the humidity necessary for your Caladium.

Caladiums are heavy feeders of potash and phosphorus and must have ample moisture and summer feeding of fertilizer in order to produce good tubers for the next growing season. Apply 1 tablespoon of 5-10-10 fertilizer per square foot every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season.
Happy birthday to you! Love your new plants. My birthday was on the the 17th with four🪴.
Thanks fellow Aries 🥳✨
And happy birthday to you all too!! @Intensekeii @HoyaAddict @KikiGoldblatt and thanks for all the wonderful info! @strawberrymoon too I will definitely read up on that! @Pegster my birthday is actually the 17th also! 🤩 happy birthday, birthday twin! 🎊🪴🎈
Gorgeous! Can't wait to get some of my own!

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