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Help my avocado tree with fungus gnats!

I have an avocado tree that I grew from the seed. I've never had any issues with its care, but about two months ago it came down with fungus gnats. I used neem oil, hydrogen peroxide and water mixture, dawn dish soap and water mixture, cinnamon, and repotted it all over a period of about two months as to not overwhelm my plant. Since I have repotted about a week ago,I have been watering as scheduled in this app and it is becoming droopier and droopier. The leaves are also browning and crisping. This is the most important plant to me in my home please help 😭 my pot has drainage as well and it gets about 6 hours of sunlight about 3ft from the window daily. #help #questions #Avocado fungusgnats">#fungusgnats
3ft to light, direct
16” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
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You've just repotted your plant. It's the big event for your plant and the new environment for it. The plant needs time to adjust and recover. So, put the plant in more comfortable for it place, namely bright INDIRECT light. Do not follow the Greg watering schedule strictly, it's only an estimate at this stage, because Greg is still learning. Water when top soil is dry, and press "water" on Greg app. If soil is still wet or moist, don't water and press "snooze". This way Greg will learn when to water your plant.
Have you managed to kill fungus gnats? Their breeding cycle is 30 days.
@SvelteKingfern THANK YOH SO MUCH! Yes the gnats have been eradicated thank god. I'm also going to take your advice I had no idea the app functioned that way so thank you a ton
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You deserve it thank you!! As of today all of the leaves have browned and are still dropping. The stalk is standing tall and I followed your recommendations. Is there anything else I can do to help my plant?