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The rest of the plant is doing okay, but I’m not sure why...

The rest of the plant is doing okay, but I’m not sure why the inside doesn’t look as full anymore 🥹 photo on the left is 12/25 & the right is from a few minutes ago. Also noticed the ends seems to be growing point up? #help #stringofraindrops #newplantmom
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi! It looks to me like the plant needs more light. The ends can “look” for it but it’s the top of the pot (not the ends) that really needs it the most. Can you move it to a slightly different spot? 🌱☀️❤️
I love what I always called the “Mother Of Pearls” plants. Have you relocated it? Changed watering schedules? I never had any luck with them, reason I surrendered to an artificial one. 🫣
@RealSimpleMama it’s been raining the past few days, but this is a west facing window with the only sunlight that hits in my apartment 🥹 it definitely gets a lot of sun when it’s sunny!
@PlantHapppy I have not tried relocating it! My apartment only gets sun in my bedroom but it’s been raining/cloudy 🥲 as far as watering, I’ve been going by the app but I have skipped a couple times bc the soil didn’t feel dry enough.
@newlyplantmama I have the app watering reminders on but I don’t always agree with their timing. I use my fingers to test the soil and that’s worked for me. Since it’s been rainy and the plant is not getting a lot of light do you have a plant light or maybe even a small lamp to set it beside of? I have used my lamps for light.
@PlantHapppy yeah I’ve definitely had to skip for my other plants too a few times! lol I don’t have a plant light, but my roommate does and it’s specifically for plants. I’m just not sure how long to keep it next to it or under it! and if I would do it everyday that there’s no sun?
If it were me I would use the light during the daytime only on the rainy days. @newlyplantmama
@PlantHapppy thank you so much, you are so helpful !! 🫶🏼🤍
@newlyplantmama You’re welcome. I hope I helped. It’s too pretty to lose! 😊
I took another look at it. It might could use repotting to a little bigger pot. Another issue that could be causing a problem. Good luck! @newlyplantmama