Posted 3w ago by @ManyLime

I got a few new #succulents yesterday. #succulentlove They are so cool looking! Oh and had to add Tobee in this morning.. trying to give me a heart attack lol #petsofgreg #springintosummer
What kind of succulent is the first one? I really like it. 😍
@Jana85 The store label only says 'stomatium species' the vagueness drives me crazy.

Looked it up and it says stomatium acti.. umm.. something I forgot already lol. It will be under my plants. I added it lol
@ManyLime haha thank you!!
Succulents look great and love the sassy look on Tobee's face.πŸ˜‚
@CoolNoblefir he was sick of me yelling at him to come inside. He's on the edge of the porch ON THE SECOND STORY lollllll. My poor heart. Then I was yelling for him to not knock my plants over. He was like 'human hush and leave me alone!' So..I did.. 🀣🀣
@ManyLime πŸ˜‚

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