Posted 10M ago by @PlantParentz

New plant daddy rescues lavender

Recently became a plant daddy, and my mission is to save plants form the clearance section and give them another opportunity to thrive again! I’m introducing myself with my first rescue, this was so dry to the bone. I did my first real repot in hope to see it grow again. I’m really all new to this and this app as been real help, great advice from others. Enjoying the app, hope to meet some cool people on here. #NewGrowth
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 10 months ago
I’m open to any tips, and advice. I would greatly appreciate it, excited for this new journey.
Since it’s in a container it will need to be watered more often. And Welcome to #GregFam #GreggersSupportingGreggers ask all the questions you have! πŸ¦‹πŸͺ΄πŸπŸ„
Way to go, EJ!!
Lavender is so goodπŸ₯° dont be like me & over water & killed my lavender in the 1st month. I can't wait to get another lavender plant πŸ’œ
@SuperblyLilac thank you so much for the advice, I will get on that! I just hope my repotting doesn’t affect it. The soil was really dry when I found it.
@FairWaterLilly sorry to hear that, I hope you do get another one. Lavender smells amazing, thank you for the support hope to see you around!
Welcome to Greg, @PlantParentz EJ! Lavender is wonderful! I hope to see you around and look forward to your updates!
@AnthuriumQueen thank you!