Posted 1d ago by @PlantMompy

I'm backkkkk. (I hope).

After a week of sickness for everyone in the house I'm at a point where I can look at my phone for more than 5 minutes. It was actually really nice to not use my phone or care about notifications, but my plants were definitely missing some care and I missed you all.

I have exciting photos for tomorrow but that's about all. So here are some of our first strawberries of the season!
#edibleplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #happyplants #newenglandgreggang #mainegang #theplantmompy
Wow! Something has been going around! Me and @jcPlantProper were sick last week as well! Glad you and the family are doing better!
Hope you've fully recovered. Take more fruits, inc your strawberry!
My kids were all down too for a whole week. It seems to be a thg going ard.
strawberries are my fave fruits!!!
@AwesomePlants and @Sleepysunday we have been consuming so many smoothies, and berries for finger food. Lol

I agree, definitely something going around, and it's a butt kicker.
@strawberrymoon my toddler would agree with you!

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