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She’s looking a little bit like a dumpster fire. Frazzled...

She’s looking a little bit like a dumpster fire. Frazzled, like a soccer mom with 15 kids each needing to be at different games at the same time but only a bicycle to get around town with…

I keep her in my bathroom. The light fixture has grow bulbs in it but otherwise there’s not a lot of light. She does seem to love it in there though. I bring her out every few days and let her bask in the grow lights for at least a day.

She’s grown a LOT since I got her, I’m planning on repotting her this weekend. Should I also trim her up and take a bunch of these baby spiderlings away (and prop) ? At what point does she actually need a trim? And what are good ways to prop the spiderlings?
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4ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
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Hey Sami 👋😁 she's GLORIOUS!! 🤩🤩 my 30yr old Chlorophytum is looking a bit the worse for wear at the moment after a hard winter lmao 🤣 but yours is looking beautiful!

It's totally up to you when/ how many spiderlings you chop 😁 I prop mine in water, no need for rooting hormones or anything fancy, they'll start to root in just a few days without any assistance! They're really easy like that. I tend to leave most attached to mum coz I love the look of them with pups, they always look a bit bare with none! Lol 🤣 and you can leave them permanently if you want! You'll get a bit of die back over the winter months (some leaves will shrivel and brown but you can just gently pull those off!).

They love humidity so are perfect bathroom plants and she's obviously getting enough light (they can get by on remarkably little but you will start to see the new leaves coming in narrower and more left looking if she's not getting enough so 🥳 you've obviously found her sweet spot! Lol 🤣) xx
@JenniB81 thank you! I’ve not propped a spider plant before. The info is super helpful. I do like the look of some spiderlings on mom but she has had a few brown leaves that I clean out when I see them. Which I figured was because she has soooo many babies it was taking her energy away from her own leaves.

I do think she looks like a great happy plant. But maybe in need of a vacation from the spiderlings. Lol
@JenniB81 the general rule of thumb is doubles in size right? She’s in the same pot I put her in after I first got her. I don’t see roots at the bottom so, I went back to see previous pictures of her to compare and here’s Oct last year. So I’d say she’s ready. It’s awesome to see this growth! 🤩
🙄 attach the picture first, Sam, attach the picture first. 🤪🤪
Haha 😂 yeah maybe take a few babies off her hands, give mum a break! Lmao 🤣 like I said they root REALLY easily, I use a shallow dish, just a couple of ml of water deep because you only really need the pups root nodes in it (some will grow all wonky on the vine, but I just gently peel off a couple of the larger, lower leaves to expose the little nodules, you'll see them, and just rest them in a small amount water... After a few days (you don't need hormone gel or honey or anything) you'll see them start to put out roots... Give them a week or two to really establish and then pot them. I'm sure they'd take in damp substrate or whatever you'd like to use really! I've just always water propped mine... And you'll end up with HUNDREDS of spiderlings all happily growing (to the point you'll out of friends and family to give them too! Haha 😂😂) xx
Is she a "Bonny"?? A curly leafed variety? I want one to make my variegated straight leafed spider! 🥰🤩 Xxx
@JenniB81 I don’t know. I’m still learning a lot about my plants. There’s sooo much more to it all than I ever realized. All her leaves like to curl, so I’d like to say yes. But I didn’t realize curled leaves were a special thing, I just thought they all did it. 🤷‍♀️ I got her at Home Depot October maybe September last year. I think the tag said something like spider plant reverse.
Generally spiders like to be quite snug, so I'd always say to put her in something just and inch or two bigger than her root ball (& the root ball on spiders is crazy! Lmao they have wee sacks on the root structures that act as reservoirs and look like little water balloons 😂). If your not seeing roots from the drainage holes she's probably fine to stay in that pot a while yet 😉 but it's up to you! Xx
@samily I'd say you have a Bonny then 🥰💚 They're not super, super rare but definitely not the standard form either! And sooooo pretty! 😍 I have a plain leafed, boring green one and a pretty variegated one (which, as I said, is over 30 yrs old!! 🫣 Probably jinxed her now! Lol 😂 but I basically ignore her completely and she's pretty happy ... Happier now she has her own grow light! Lol) xx
@JenniB81 I’d be happy to send some babies your way, if you’d like. 😁 I’ve never mailed plants before though… so… don’t get your hopes up too much. Lol
Aranea is beautiful I have a few spider plants I leave some pups hanging off my big spider Shakira 😍I just propagate the babies in water they grow roots in no time One of my favourite plants and easy to care for My latest babys now growing roots well