Posted 2w ago by @AmusingEndive

#newplants were delivered! I now am the proud and nervous #PlantMom of a Monstera Albo! and a #philodendron Mican. Everyone also needs to get the personal humidifiers. Amazon. I need 2 more. It works great. Humidity lovers are in their glory
Nice! Can you link to the humidifier?
You are going to catch yourself staring at that Mican! #Velvety πŸ’š
@AwesomePlants as a matter of fact I am. It's even more beautiful then I imagined. It's gonna be so fun watching all the babies grow up.
@AmusingEndive I love love LOVE my micans.....those velvety leaves😍😍
@OKIEgrnthmb it's been on my list for a while. I have miss poles coming for it. Any advice on keeping her happy? Tips?
@AmusingEndive I keep mine in a north window water when top of soil is dry....pretty easy plant!! Mine is still pretty small I haven't added a moss pole yet

Enjoy they are beautiful plants

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