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I’m learning to macramé so I can hang up a bunch of plants. Holidays are coming and my buffet is completely covered! #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #planthanger #tgw #SucculentLove #HoyaHangout #Hoya
They will also make great gifts too for the holidays!
no way!! that's so cool and i agree they would make awesome gifts for any occasion!!!
Nice 👍 👍
Those are pretty
@Smoosh and I have been doing the same thing!!! Gorgeous pots btw 💚
Those are beautiful! I love macramé.
Yaaaaaassssss! I started the macrame journey a while back, it's such a space saver and relatively cheap to make hangers. I give them as gifts too 😊 the hanger pictured is beautiful, keep up the good work 😊
Lmao. I've been saying I need to learn it for a while now. I have 2 pieces, one my mom made like 50 years ago, and one that I got because it reminded me of my mom.
@risingphoenix thank you! My pot buying is a little out of control
@PetLimabean thank you!
@risingphoenix one of them is a little vase that my birthday flowers came in! I like sticking plants in odd vessels 😆
@jazzyjess I really love the viney plants so it is definitely better than buying a bunch of premade ones
@dysnomia42 my mom used to macrame in the 70s and 80s but I don’t know that she still has any around.
@TheGoodWench I love the viney and hanging plants too! And I love that you like sticking your plants in odd “pots” haha giving me lots of ideas

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