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I had about 10 repots yesterday including some of my big ...

I had about 10 repots yesterday including some of my big girls! Into the shower they went for their πŸ›€πŸΏ ...but I did forget they were there this morning when I needed to shower! 😳😩🀣

Wish they could move themselves, these plants are taller than me! πŸ€“

Had some thorny repots as well 😬
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Wow! I’m so proud of you! They’re gorgeous! And I want one of those crazy big custom showers that has ROOM for me to shower and for my huge plants to live. 😍🀩

On occasion I think it would be oh so convenient for me if my plants could make like some of their CGI counterparts, grow tiny tootsies and shuffle themselves around. He he! πŸ€­πŸ™ƒ (Wheeled trollies aren't always the answer.)

Thank-you for including the pic with the tongs! Always helpful for reminders and new ideas as to how to improve the repotting experience for myself and those in my care.
@RealSimpleMama That sounds like @sarahsalith shower jungle!

I have about 4 pothos hanging from my shower rod that live in my bathroom for now and 2 syngoniums hanging from the towel rack! 🀣
I love it!! @AdamBomb got some more hanging pots for me for my birthday - they stick to sealed tile and glass and plastic! #SarahsShower
@sarahsalith that’s awesome πŸ‘ 😎 πŸ‘
@MariansOasis @sarahsalith would yall say this is a begonia? I was thinking pilea, but the back of the leaves are a different color. A sister is asking me
@CorvidFan if only right! I want Apple to add plant chores as an exercise so I can get credit for this hard work! Lol
Your ficuses are gorgeous! I mean, all of your plants are 😍 but as a ficus lover, I’m smitten with those. Lol
@BabeVila actually, @RJG got me hooked on #Ficus ! They are easy to prop and root as well. I just checked 2 that are ready to go into secondary quarantine, but they already need a repot.
@BabeVila if you have a #Lidl near you, I've managed to snag some good size ones for $13. Check their weekly ads to see when they'll have plants. Next Wed they'll have hanging baskets and then they'll post the next weeks ad so you can game plan!
@sarahsalith I wonder what my husband would think if I did that over his tub on the glass block! I guess I wouldn’t have any excuse cleaning the tub if I had plants to water. πŸ€”
@AwesomePlants yep! Begonia!!
@sarahsalith Whoa! That is so cool! Great birthday gift πŸ’š
@BabeVila yeh, I have good kids. πŸ˜‰
@sarahsalith the BEST kiddos!! 😘
@sarahsalith ty boo!
How are all those baby monstera? 😍
@KDkat3 😬 still in the bin needing to be potted. πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ My recent repots depleted my soil mix.😩
@AwesomePlants My Ficus is ready for a repot too. Unfortunately, I potted him directly into a ceramic pot. I’m pretty sure I will need to crack the pot to get him out. I can feel the prickly thorns on that Madagascar Palm. You’re brave to repot that one. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Useful thongs 🌡
@AwesomePlants here are 2 of ours. The other 2 are still in the box.
@KDkat3 yay!!!! Love this!
@AwesomePlants today on our local neighborhood page a young lady was looking for monstera or philodendron cuttings to prop. I decided to be kind and posted 2 of the baby monsteras. She asked if she could have them both. I gave her lots of advice and how to handle them. When she stopped this evening I felt a tear coming haha. 2 babies are still trying to grow but I’m glad I took that picture yesterday to show you because now they’ve gone on to bring joy to someone else. πŸ₯² the kids felt happy about it and now want to grow something else LOL. 😝
@KDkat3 awww! Jow sweet! How about growing their fav veggie?
@AwesomePlants we did buy carrot seeds! Hoping to plant them in March!