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Hey y’all. I saved this beauty from Walmart today. I bought a terra-cotta pot for it and basic potting soil (haven’t done anything yet it’s still in its nursery pot, sitting inside the terra-cotta.) Any and all tips tricks and advice is greatly appreciated #NewPlantMom #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
@Cadee_marie these guys like thier water....heads up if it wilts and looks like it's a goner just give it a drink!! They are drama queens!!

Beautiful plant!!
@OKIEgrnthmb I love a plant that tells me when it’s thirsty instead of playing the guessing game 😂
I also have succulent soil that I have for my cactus, aloe, and snake plant. Should I use that in combination with my terra-cotta pot I got for it instead of the normal potting mix?
@Cadee_marie the Terra cotta pots will breathe and help dry out the soil. If you use the cactus soil, you will definitely need to keep eye on it, it will probably need watered a bit more often. 😉
Place in a bright window but with no direct sunlight (they get crispy edges very quickly), as others have said they’re thirsty babies. You may find the bright colours (pink/purple/white)aren’t as variegated if they don’t get enough light, so you may want to play around with placement. They also Grow very quickly, if you find yours is getting leggy then chop and prop, you can be quite brutal too an cut just above any set of leaves it will grow new leaves to the sides and will bush out and you get baby plants from the cuttings! They LOVE humidity, so a glass cabinet/cloche is definitely appreciated but not needed. I have put many cuttings in terrariums and they love it. I hope you enjoy your new plant baby, I think they’re highly underrated plants. The flowers are so pretty but they don’t last long 🥹 happy growing 🌱
@HoyaAddict i have it in a south facing window right now with my cactus, aloe, and snake plant. Greg says it’s in a great placement so fingers crossed 🤞🏻
@HoyaAddict Thank you for this! I just got a polka dot plant and need to repot it and I’m thankfully getting a mini greenhouse so he can get the humidity he needs! Thanks again! ♥️
@Cadee_marie @Nightshade Good luck growing, they’re pretty awesome plants. Looking forward to future pics 🥰 South window sounds perfect if no direct light!

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