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What a surprise I found this morning while sitting at my ...

What a surprise I found this morning while sitting at my desk having coffee—Butterfly is blooming!!! Looks like she’ll have to come out of that terrarium so her flower stalk can grow freely. Fly on little butterfly 🦋 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #flowerpower #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #PlantCorner #BloomingSuccs
10ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
She's so beautiful 😍
@LikableDamiana I’m so excited it’s almost silly—this is my 2nd succulent in bloom. I’ve never had this happen before! 🙂
So pretty!! Congrats on the bloom!!
Happy plant gives you a bloom! 🙃😍🤗
@RefinedSandwort thank you!
@CourtlyKingfern I am just shocked because I went from killing cactuses to blooming succulents in less than a year! 😂
Tips please!! Because I h just received 18 of them!!
She is absolutely beautiful
@CourtlyKingfern I am new to sempervivums but I have mine in pots outside because I’ve read they require a lot light in order to get the pretty colors and to avoid getting leggy.
She’s beautiful
@CourtlyKingfern 18 succulents? Wow, that’s a lot 😁 I had this one under a grow light, in a little terrarium on my desk. I was SO surprised this morning when I saw the bloom stalk. I think I actually gasped. 😃
@SensationalKoa thank you!
@clairsheart Thanks!
@LaSiguanaba Wow, I missed this before. Far more impressive than the Hens and Chicks I rescued in a clearance recently (still alive, phew)
Very hard to find relevant posts at time. So how long have you had butterfly and what conditions promote blooms? I know so little about these succulents except I like their name. Can't see the terrarium clearly but is it the same type as Chompy the VFT? I would be happy it my Hens and Chicks eventually blooms. Thanks so much for sharing, Rose Red, it encourages me and I feel I did the right thing rescuing my H&C. 🤩👍😃🌱🫠
@CourtlyKingfern Wait, Evelyn, 18?
And I only have one 😔 😟 and not a very good one 😔😟
You have a whole chicken farm by the sounds of it 🐔🐤🐥🐔
It's not a bloom, she having a new baby! When that one gets 1-2 inches you can cut it off and plant it and then the baby can have babies of her own! 😊 Or you can keep them together
This is what they'll look like as they get bigger. When I bought mine, all of the chicks were connected to the mother hen but I separated them and now she's a grandmother 😊 her babies are having babies
@NotableKonjac Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment—mystery solved! I’ve never had hens and chicks before and I didn’t know how the ‘chicks’ were grown. This is so cool! Time for a bigger pot??? Thanks for including the photo—so helpful!
@Seymour Good eye Seymour—yes, this is the exact same model of terrarium that Chompy lives in. They both sit on my desk and include timed growlights. I’ll need to figure out what to do with this mama and her baby!
This was mine when I first got it, they were all connected to the mother plant. I think there may have been 10 babies plus the mom. I've separated most of them since just cuz I wanted them to multiply lol
One of my favorites to watch spread and flower. So pretty!
I love this plant. I must have one when I figure out how to stop murdering my succulents 😞
@Ninabeena This little terrarium is succulent gold—this is the 2nd succulent it’s helped thrive. I am a newbie, so this is exciting. I mean, I once killed a cactus! That’s where I was starting from. 😂
@NotableKonjac That’s beautiful! I love the way they look clustered. I have some growing out in my yard snd the rosettes look so pretty, just like this. 😍
@AnthuriumQueen I need to get it out of the terrarium and into a bigger pot so it can really thrive! ☺️
@LaSiguanaba ty. I wish it was still purple though. I put it outside for 2 days and it turned green??? Which is weird cuz I keep hearing how they have to be outside (mines inside under a light)
@NotableKonjac That’s odd that the color changed—as you say, I thought more light = more vibrant colors. I have a colorful chicks snd hens I just got recently, that’s living on my porch. ☺️
@LaSiguanaba ikr I thought the same!
At first, when I saw the picture, I thought it was a cake. God is that pretty.
@clairsheart Thanks! Another little stalk has appeared! I’m thinking of repotting it so the baby chicks have room to grow. 🙂